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Work in Progress

Rules Revision

We regularly undertake a review of all our Titles, which is going on in the background all the time. As we prepare titles to be made available for “Print on Demand”, we carry out general housekeeping and incorporate any revisions or corrections).

New Releases

Our most recent releases are:

  • Aerial Battles 1915-1918
  • Aerial Battles 1939-1945

New Editions

We have released updated editions of the following titles:

  • Tsushima (Edition 2.1)
  • Jutland (Edition 2.1)
  • Form Line of Battle (Edition 5.1)
  • Action Stations (Edition 4.2)

Plans for 2020

New Rules

Our brains never stand still, and we are developing a new set of Naval Rules, which will cover the same period as Stations Manned and Ready, however these rules are being specifically designed so that you can fight a large action. Some may recall we had a set of rules known as Sea Wars Fleet Actions which we withdrew when we released Stations Manned and Ready. It is probable that new new set will bear a similar name for its title.


The following titles are on Andrew’s desk (which means they are being worked on at the moment). When we get round to working in detail on the titles which are not yet available for Print on Demand we will also decide whether or not to create a printed edition.

  • Officers Handbook - There will be a new Edition of these rules. This will incorprate a number of revisions to the scenarios in the light of experience to sort out game balance problems which we encountered in the Amphibious Landing Game. There will be a few other changes as well as some new rules.
  • Scramble - There will be some initial changes to some game mechanisms, to improve (we hope) playability. This will include a change to the way in which Crew Quality is generated at the start (so it follows the method used in our more recent rules). At the same time, the data from Angels 15 will be incorporated and the Theatre Lists currently in the rules will become PDF files which you will be able to download from this site. At a later stage we (or at least Andrew) would like to look in more detail at the effectiveness of the different types of aircraft weapon - this stems from the research we carried out while writing our two new Aerial Battles rule sets.
  • Stringbags - The same changes as proposed for Scramble will be applied in these rules.
  • Fox Two Reheat - Some revisions and corrections will be applied.

In the longer term more extensive work is planned on the following titles, which will take longer to process. In a previous incarnation of our website these potential updates were mentioned.

  • Perfidious Albion - When we start to work on the revision for this title one plan is to incorporate all the existing Ship Grids (currently in Fighting Fleets), so everything is in one place. It is possible that we may be able to introduce some new Grids as they become available and there will also be some rule revisions. If we do incorporate all the Grids, the final page count will be very large, making a PDF only option attractive; the advantage of the PDF is that the Grids can easily be printed out at home; when using a POD making copies would be impractical. The alternative is to create a PDF and POD of the rules alone, with the Ship Grids available as a PDF file to download.
  • Fire When Ready - There will be some revisions and corrections, incorporating the game data from Fighting Fleets. A Print on Demand version will be produced.
  • Fighting Fleets - This title will be split and incorporated in Fire When Ready and Perfidious Albion, after which the title will be withdrawn.
  • Grand Fleet Actions - There will be some rule revisions, largely dealing with Boarding Actions.