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Naval Rules

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Play follows a sequence using initiative. The winner of initiative chooses which side will move a squadron first. Movement then alternates between the two sides. During movement the slowest elements finish their movement first, so the order is all submarines, then all ships, finally all aircraft. The winner of initiative then shoots with a squadron first, and then play alternates. Combat actions ignore the type of element involved. Movement takes into account the manoeuvrability of ships of different sizes. Gunnery takes into account the crew skill of the firing ship, interference by shooting from other vessels, the size of the target and the number of guns firing. Hits will cause structural damage and may also cause critical hits, which will degrade the combat effectiveness of the vessel. As ships get more damaged, there is a possible effect on morale, which may cause formations to withdraw to lick their wounds. Apart from the Main Rule Book, the rules have the following additional components, which are available to download free of charge from our website or the Wargame Vault. When first published (as PDF only), these were part of a combined product download on Wargame Vault. With the introduction of the Print on Demand option, these files have been separated out into a new Rules Support Package to download. Game Template Booklet Maritime Aircraft Data Booklet Ship Data catalogue Ship Data "Glossary" Booklet Merchant Vessel Booklet A selection of “Taster” Battle booklets which allow you to start playing the game and include the ship data sheets for the battle in question. In addition the following products are available to buy. Ship Data Booklets. These are required and provide the necessary ship data sheets to play the game. Data Booklets are provided for France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Russia, United States and Other Nations. Each set is divided into three eras covering 1885 to 1905, 1906 to 1925 and 1926 to 1945. A series of Battle Booklets covering all periods. Aircraft Data Booklet. This is necessary if you wish to include aircraft in your games.
Stations Manned and Ready 2nd Edition Naval Wargames Rules for the period 1885 to 1945 using ships and aircraft by Andrew Finch and Alan Butler
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