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One of our players suggested that a record sheet would be useful, which could be printed out, laminated, and re-used in games. He made a number of further useful suggestions, which we have been able to incorporate. There is one regrettable limitation in that these sheets cannot be saved; this is a side effect of being a PDF. The following products are supported by PDF Record Sheets: Tsu Shima 2nd Edition The next product which will have sheets created is: Jutland 2nd Edition - these rules use a very similar record sheet to Tsu Shima so creating a set here is relatively easy. There are a variety of sheets, for different sized vessels, and to enable entire sheets to be created for a number of ships with the same basic data. We welcome all feedback and suggestions about these sheets and their content. If you have any requests about which set of rules would benefit from this type of record sheet, please let us know.
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