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The Combat system allows for guns and missiles of various types, and resolution is split into a Launch Phase, typically when missiles are fired against enemy targets, and a Combat Phase, where hits by all are resolved and damage inflicted. The subtlety here is that each Phase operates separately, with the order of actions alternating between the players. In the Combat Phase, the active ship does all its direct shooting, but at the end of its actions all incoming missile attacks are resolved against it. Damage it now suffers may mean that any missiles it has launched, and which have not yet been resolved, may become ineffective. Damage is recorded in a graded system with 5 states from intact to sunk. It is also possible for vessels to suffer Special Damage, which further degrades their ability to function. There are simple rules for operating helicopters from ships, as well as rules for anti-aircraft fire with guns and missiles. We have updated the game set up and introduced a simple points value system for players who want a relatively balanced game. There is also now a system of determining victory or defeat, based on the level of damage each force has suffered. This system represents the effect of damage to valuable assets forcing one or even both sides to retire rather than lose ships. There are also additional rules for unconventional craft, mine warfare and operations against coastal targets. They are rounded off with extensive data tables for missiles, torpedoes, guns, rockets, SAM systems, Air to Air missiles, ships, helicopters and aircraft. (There are 140 sets of ship data from over 40 countries).
Bulldogs Away !! 2nd Edition Naval Wargames Rules for Modern Fast Attack Craft by David Manley, with Alan Butler and Andrew Finch
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