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A&A Game Engineering was started up by Andrew Finch ("A") and Alan Butler ("the other A") in 1995. Both are long term wargamers and, having failed to find rules that provided a good game that could be played to a conclusion in the time available, set themselves the task of providing these to the wargaming world. We are both long standing members of Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society.

Product Availability

All our products are available to purchase on-line as downloadable PDF files from our partner organisation, Wargame Vault. In addition our titles are also being made available through their Print on Demand system, so you can also order a “paper copy” if you prefer. Titles that are available in this form are indicated on the product pages on both websites. You can navigate to the Wargame Vault site in order to purchase individual products via the links shown on each page. These will take you directly to the page for the title concerned.

Special Notice regarding Charitable Donations in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

In response to an approach from Wargame Vault, we are participating in their Charity Support programme. This takes place during two weeks in the middle of May 2020, and we have been asked to select a title as our place holder in this campaign. We have selected our newest title: Aerial Battles 1939-1945. During the period of the campaign, all the proceeds from sales of this title will pass directly to one of three proposed Charities. We have selected Doctors without Borders as our first choice for our support.
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